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On Fluid Bonding

My partner and I recently changed our safer sex/barrier practices which, of course, brings up the conversation of fluid bonding and what that means in the context of our relationship. It's been a conversation flitting around the periphery of my experience lately because I've been sleeping with (and having more conversations with) people who are… Continue reading On Fluid Bonding

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Open Your Eyes

I force my eyes open. They are standing over me and I drink in the curves of their face, their hair cascading down their back and haphazardly draping forward over their shoulder, one hand between my legs, the other wrapped, momentarily, around my throat. I've seen that look before, a slow spreading joy, drinking in… Continue reading Open Your Eyes

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When Your Greatest Strengths Become Your Biggest Crutch

Someday, I will write out the full story of the past six months because, while it has been told in bits and pieces, there is still so much I held so close to my chest. It’s an old defense mechanism, a tactic to keep from getting hurt when everything inevitably falls apart (because everything does;… Continue reading When Your Greatest Strengths Become Your Biggest Crutch

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Fuck Me Like You Mean It

Fuck me with your eyes, watching my movements and aching to bind me into stillness so that you can see me fully. Uncover each piece of me like it is new, like you are awestuck at the sight of me, naked and stretched out before you. Drink it in, an insatiable hunger building as you… Continue reading Fuck Me Like You Mean It

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Musings on Sexpectations

I never realized I had queer sex because I didn’t realize, for a long time, that there was another way to have sex. I grew up in a lesbian household, and my understanding of sex was shaped in that context. In middle and high school, as people’s sexualities (mine own included) began to develop, I… Continue reading Musings on Sexpectations

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Permission to be Human

Before I say anything, I want to say thank you. To those of you who have witnessed, held space for, and/or responded gently to me over the past week, I am eternally grateful. My mental health took a sharp swing, and I’ve felt like I have been grasping: grasping at connection, grasping at distraction, grasping… Continue reading Permission to be Human

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Some rambling thoughts on relationship baggage

This has been a strange week for me. Just as I started to get on a schedule with writing, drawing, and posting, there comes along the inevitable wrench in my well-laid plans. Which is all well, good, and fine... this particular wrench has the added benefit of giving me excellent writing fodder and deliciously beautiful… Continue reading Some rambling thoughts on relationship baggage

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Our entire lives are built on the muddy quicksand of illustrious assumptions that bind us together in this invisible asylum. Veritas, we have written in the wrought-iron gates of our fantasy illusions, christening our lies as the absolute truth that fits like a ball gag, pressing back against our clenched teeth and muffling our unwitting… Continue reading Veritas