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I Have to Choose

I’ve been in this strange place recently, grappling with desires that don’t usually exist in the forefront of my mind. Submission, in some form. Power. Pain. I’ve written about them from every angle I can imagine, deconstructed them a million and one different ways, followed my nice, logical thought process through to whatever conclusions and… Continue reading I Have to Choose

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I Am Not Your Partner

This isn't really a response to any one person or situation, but rather a collection of discussions I've had over the last few weeks. It feels worth it to talk about publicly because it's something that is increasingly important to me, and it has come up with various people in different situations. The short version:… Continue reading I Am Not Your Partner

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Fuck Me Like You Mean It

Fuck me with your eyes, watching my movements and aching to bind me into stillness so that you can see me fully. Uncover each piece of me like it is new, like you are awestuck at the sight of me, naked and stretched out before you. Drink it in, an insatiable hunger building as you… Continue reading Fuck Me Like You Mean It

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Addendum to FetLife (public) Relationships

So, a couple days ago, sitting backstage of a convention where I was working as part of the tech crew, I started scribbling down some thoughts on my phone about FetLife relationships because it was something that was fresh on my mind and, between tech sets, I had time to kill. By the end of… Continue reading Addendum to FetLife (public) Relationships