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Fuck Me Like You Mean It

Fuck me with your eyes, watching my movements and aching to bind me into stillness so that you can see me fully. Uncover each piece of me like it is new, like you are awestuck at the sight of me, naked and stretched out before you. Drink it in, an insatiable hunger building as you look through the ever-shifting edges of my skin to see what is real beneath the surface. Look at me dangerously, so that I can see the tempest brewing behind your eyes.

Fuck me with your hands, grasping hard against these hips that were made to bear the weight of your storm. Weave your fingers through my hair and hold me taut against you, pushing and pulling my body until I cannot find my way free from desire. Trace the lines like roadmaps with no destination in mind. Bruise my skin with the pressure of your fingertips holding, pushing, pressing against me like you are anchoring yourself in my bones.

Fuck me with your words, a flirt, a coercion, a threat, a promise. Fuck me without filtering. Say it wrong, say it silly, say anything, so long as you say it real. Fuck me with the whispers of breath against my ear, bind words to flesh with each exhale and groan as my body moves against yours in rhythm.

Fuck me like you mean it. Like your body is quivering and you are on the edge of losing control. Fuck me like this, right here, right now, is the only place you want to be. Fuck me like the images of me in your mind are nothing compared to the sight of me tangled in your sheets. Fuck me like the amalgamations of self haphazardly strew across my skin do not frighten or perplex you.

Fuck me like you mean it, like your body has been aching for this and you are torn between prolonging this moment and finding relief. Fuck me with your rage and your kindness, your uncertainty and your desire. Fuck me like a challenge you’ve been dying to accept.

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