Classes and Events

Due to the pandemic, events and classes have been limited. However, a public ropeshare will be starting in January in Baltimore- more information to come!

Current Class Offerings:

Butts & Boots: Impact and Sensation-based Bootplay

Interested in boots as an impact tool? In this class, we will cover the basics of bootstomping, safety, and ways to be creative with sensation. From using your partner as a dance stage to impact to tickling, boots can create a broad range of ways to connect with your partner- and be as silly or serious as you want. So shine your shoes and come out to tlearn some fun, creative ways to add some impact to your scenes.

CNC and Psychological Edgeplay

In a scene focused on enthusiastic consent, how do we navigate darker desires that reach into areas of psychological edgeplay and consensual non-consent? What are some of the benefits- and pitfalls- of engaging in and exploring these desires? In this class, we will talk a bit about what consent is- and is not- before diving into types of psychological edgeplay and using it as a means of navigating and facing traumatic experiences.

Are You Queer Enough?

Are You Queer Enough? is a class focused on navigating queer spaces, particularly for those who have been told (or feel) they aren’t “queer enough” because they have straight passing privilege, haven’t experienced social oppression because of their queerness, or just don’t know how to engage in queer spaces. Focused specifically on the construction and impact of identities, different types of queer spaces, gatekeeper mentality, and the different ways queer space is created (and policed), this class is part education and part discussion, so bring your experiences, feelings, thoughts, and ideas- especially if you struggle with how you fit into queer kink spaces.

Beyond the Bedroom: Intro to the Kink Scene

You’ve explored kink in the bedroom, ventured out to do some research and discovered there are whole communities of like-minded individuals that like doing weird, kinky things, too! But what is a munch? What do people mean when they talk about “scenes”? What can you expect if you go to a local event? In this class, we will talk about an overview of the kink scene: social etiquette, common lexicon, consent culture, do’s and don’t’s of play parties, and how to get connected to others in your area. If you’re new to the kink scene, this class is a great overview to understanding the fun, dynamic world you have stumbled into- and a great place to ask the questions you’ve been dying to ask! 

Building A Risk Profile

The idea of a “risk profile” gets referenced a lot, but how do you go about building your own risk profile? This class talks about the different kinds of risks we might face in the scene- physical, emotional, psychological, sexual- and how we can make informed choices about what risks we are- and aren’t- willing to assume. This class predominantly uses a harm-reduction approach to risk profiles, focused on minimizing impact, and discusses everything from consent practices to negotiation models to communicating before, during, and after a scene.