IMG_1858-05-01Malachi is a trans-identified, kinky, queer, polyamorous writer, artist, and educator with a bachelor’s degree in traditional mathematics. His focus oscillates between writing and art, but both are vital parts of how he chooses to explore and express his experiences.

His literary work has been published in several journals including The Rhapsodist and Gertrude, and he has presented his work at the University of North Carolina Asheville Queer Conference. In his mathematics career, he has published and presented several pieces in the field of mathematical biology, including papers discussing the dynamics of HIV modeling and the impact of harm reduction techniques on intravenous drug using populations.

He is a passionate educator, teaching courses on trans identities and deconstructing 12032137_10100508573920899_3570259338001228083_nthe binary, queer inclusion, navigating poly relationships, Kink 101, and LGBTQ Diversity Training.

Malachi is active in kink community, on staff with Indecent Enterprises, and attends local events frequently. In addition, he is part of a local faith community with experience as a guest preacher at Metropolitan Community Churches.

Malachi is currently married and lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his spouse and their family.


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