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How To Be Dead

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here. I've got some updating to do, but I needed a place to put this, so...lots of raw spewing of emotion, verbal vomit processing, shit that I need to get out of my bloodstream and didn’t have anywhere else to put it. So it’s going here. Listening to… Continue reading How To Be Dead

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Musings on Sexpectations

I never realized I had queer sex because I didn’t realize, for a long time, that there was another way to have sex. I grew up in a lesbian household, and my understanding of sex was shaped in that context. In middle and high school, as people’s sexualities (mine own included) began to develop, I… Continue reading Musings on Sexpectations

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You Don’t Get to Feel Better

This is not the time to be silent. This is the time to stand with people. Stand, and know where you stand. This isn't the time for sitting on the fence. We are dying. It's that simple. We are dying every single fucking day. Which part of this do you not understand? Be outraged, yes.… Continue reading You Don’t Get to Feel Better

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Bandaging the Invisible Wounds

As a child, I used to love Sailor Moon. My friends and I would go outside and pretend to be different characters, defeating villains, mentally transforming into hyper-sexualized teenage schoolgirls as we roamed the playground, playing Sailor Moon. One day, I was headed out the door and told my mother (as I had done many… Continue reading Bandaging the Invisible Wounds

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Some rambling thoughts on relationship baggage

This has been a strange week for me. Just as I started to get on a schedule with writing, drawing, and posting, there comes along the inevitable wrench in my well-laid plans. Which is all well, good, and fine... this particular wrench has the added benefit of giving me excellent writing fodder and deliciously beautiful… Continue reading Some rambling thoughts on relationship baggage

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Femme Erasure in the queer community

A few months ago, I published Are You Queer Enough?, which began a massive, complex line of dialogue that reaches so many facets of the queer community. There are so many aspects of queerness that I want to have dialogue about and trying to put them all into one post is overwhelming... I think writing… Continue reading Femme Erasure in the queer community

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Shit, I love you and you haven’t met my teddy bear

I spend a lot of time thinking about mental health and kink, partially because I’ve had to learn to navigate kink and being poly while coming to terms with some of the challenges presented by my own mental health. The short version of a very long story is that I am, most likely, somewhere on… Continue reading Shit, I love you and you haven’t met my teddy bear

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Content Warning: processing through the effects of repeated sexual harassment, trauma, and violence; explicit language I want you to fuck me. Why is that so difficult for me to say? I like sex. I like getting fucked. I like the way it feels, in my body, in that moment. It’s just sex. But it’s not,… Continue reading Flash

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Lying to a Junkie

The payment screen on the metro card machine instructs me to dip my ATM card. Dip, like a child testing the temperature of water with their foot, invoking a deceptive smoothness to the instruction. My movements are anything but fluid and gentle. I shift my oversized camping backpack awkwardly, trying to reach for my wallet… Continue reading Lying to a Junkie

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I (want to be) my own primary partner

There are a lot of different ways to do poly relationships. Every time I have a conversation with someone about playing or going on a date, we talk about poly dynamics. How they/I do poly, how they/I view it, what kinds of framework we are each working within. In many of these conversations, I have… Continue reading I (want to be) my own primary partner