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“I love you, too,” she said, because she speaks the language of my eyes and I sink into the words like a blanket of moss beneath my hands. Soft. Certain. Steady. It might have been the first time, or the fiftieth, or that time where we have lost track of the number of times we… Continue reading Yes

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I don't do well with missing. Missing out, missing people, missing things, missing opportunities, missing anything. It's never been a forte of mine, and it's been a thread that’s been weaving through my life lately. Note my displeasure. “Missing” sits like a lump in my throat, one I just can't clear. I’ll forget, for awhile,… Continue reading Missing

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What Leaks Out of Your Eyes

“How does it feel, watching them?” he asked, studying my face intently. She is poetry; he is sensation. She looks strong, a strength I knew she carried but hadn't seen in this same way. She never looks weak, but here, he brings out something different in her, and I can't help watching, seeing her out… Continue reading What Leaks Out of Your Eyes

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Letting Go of the Ground

There is an explosive amount of chemistry here. It's visceral, palpable, electric, raw. It comes out when we tie, when we fuck, when we talk, when we catch eyes across the room and smile. It's movement and energy. There is nothing static here; it feeds and builds and brings muscles to move, grasping, squeezing, holding.… Continue reading Letting Go of the Ground

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On Fluid Bonding

My partner and I recently changed our safer sex/barrier practices which, of course, brings up the conversation of fluid bonding and what that means in the context of our relationship. It's been a conversation flitting around the periphery of my experience lately because I've been sleeping with (and having more conversations with) people who are… Continue reading On Fluid Bonding

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Surprise Me

I've been thinking about care and affection a lot lately- how I show it, how I understand it, and how I receive it. I always feel slightly... limited... by the language surrounding the "5 Love Languages" concept, but the idea is pretty spot-on, I think. We all give, receive, and understand affection, care, love, whatever… Continue reading Surprise Me

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I Am Not Your Partner

This isn't really a response to any one person or situation, but rather a collection of discussions I've had over the last few weeks. It feels worth it to talk about publicly because it's something that is increasingly important to me, and it has come up with various people in different situations. The short version:… Continue reading I Am Not Your Partner