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The Gifts We Offer

I don't even know how to write about this camp. If I could have whispered my wildest dreams into some secret part of my heart, I don't think even those would have dared to wish for such extravagance. And perhaps it feels so luxurious because of its subtleties. There are the big moments, yes. The… Continue reading The Gifts We Offer

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Letting Go of the Ground

There is an explosive amount of chemistry here. It's visceral, palpable, electric, raw. It comes out when we tie, when we fuck, when we talk, when we catch eyes across the room and smile. It's movement and energy. There is nothing static here; it feeds and builds and brings muscles to move, grasping, squeezing, holding.… Continue reading Letting Go of the Ground

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Memories at Midnight

It's three AM and I am pulsing, a rhythmic hum like current flowing just beneath my skin. If you touched my fingers, the ends would spark, static electricity, small bolts of lightning, a shock, a charge, a moment. I remember, and in remembering, I live and relive the experiences that brought me here to trembling… Continue reading Memories at Midnight