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Let’s Fuck

Let’s fuck. Now. With words, hesitant and unsure, growing, building. I want. I want to want with you, to hear you finish that sentence, to shape it and form it and choke on it and claim it. Tomorrow. Yesterday. In memory and in fantasy, in the quiet hours of the night where the things we fear seem… Continue reading Let’s Fuck

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The Taste of Fur and Honeyed Mead

“Timid.” I roll the word around on my tongue, trying to grasp at the sensation. “It’s got such a strange texture.” I’m curled up on his chest, his arms around me as I explore the shape and texture of language in my mouth and soak in these dwindling moments before he has to leave. I… Continue reading The Taste of Fur and Honeyed Mead

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Boys in Suits

I like the thought of you wanting me like this, dressed up in a suit and tie and my chest flattened down and a silicone cock making a soft bulge in these well-ironed pants. I like thinking about your face, straightening my tie before we go with that hint of a smirk playing at the… Continue reading Boys in Suits

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You Wanted Hard

“What do you want?” he asked, softly, the words tactile as his breath caresses my ear. I want to put in a butt plug and use you as a fuck toy while I jack myself off, I think. I want you to tie me in double futos and fuck me until I can’t think straight, or at… Continue reading You Wanted Hard

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Bone Resonance

When you touch me, I feel it in my teeth, an echoing reverberation, a bone resonance. The electric current of my skin is just the tempestuous surface of a chasm, but your fingertips slice through it like water to stroke the rigid, unyielding shape of my body and it gives, just a little, just enough.… Continue reading Bone Resonance

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Heat Lightning

That level of desire is something to remember… What catalyzes words, ignites the fuel beneath them so they ricochet through my veins like rockets? Fuck, I want you, words dripping like raw heat in summer, urgency palpable and thick, honeyed words spiked with bourbon and clove, the sharp bite of fresh spice. Water is control, and I… Continue reading Heat Lightning

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Every Thought is Violent

CW: references to CNC edging on rape play, references to substance use Every thought that passes through is violent. Slammed into the wall so hard my head spins and I can taste the fury, your hands uncontained and wild, roving like someone losing the edge of control, the line between want and need nonexistent as… Continue reading Every Thought is Violent

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Open Your Eyes

I force my eyes open. They are standing over me and I drink in the curves of their face, their hair cascading down their back and haphazardly draping forward over their shoulder, one hand between my legs, the other wrapped, momentarily, around my throat. I've seen that look before, a slow spreading joy, drinking in… Continue reading Open Your Eyes

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What Rises Up

This desire is inconvenient. I don't have time for the tides that rise, the build and pulse, the steady throb, the bad ideas whispering like consequences are someone else's concern, like all I want is to whisper your name on the winds and have it tickle your ear. Inconveniently. Fuck me inconveniently, with reckless abandon,… Continue reading What Rises Up

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Fuck Me Like You Mean It

Fuck me with your eyes, watching my movements and aching to bind me into stillness so that you can see me fully. Uncover each piece of me like it is new, like you are awestuck at the sight of me, naked and stretched out before you. Drink it in, an insatiable hunger building as you… Continue reading Fuck Me Like You Mean It