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Oral Sensations

I noticed it first with the table, the place where the wood has split just slightly and I felt the urge to sink my teeth into the weak points, the feel the wood splinter and crack in my mouth, shards like toothpicks. Rolling my jaw, my eyes wander. Clean, smooth edges of glass. The firm… Continue reading Oral Sensations

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The Taste of Fur and Honeyed Mead

“Timid.” I roll the word around on my tongue, trying to grasp at the sensation. “It’s got such a strange texture.” I’m curled up on his chest, his arms around me as I explore the shape and texture of language in my mouth and soak in these dwindling moments before he has to leave. I… Continue reading The Taste of Fur and Honeyed Mead

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The Rest of Heaven was Blue

My brain is a fritzball made of static electricity and cotton balls. The world is built of molasses and wet blankets. Burn everything but the wood is damp. You will be lightning and cotton candy again soon. The world maintains its pace, you are feeling inertia. The sky is terrible. I have never loved you… Continue reading The Rest of Heaven was Blue

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Vulnerability Like a Mantis Shrimp

Color has always been a resonating analogy for how I understand and interpret the world. People have colors- not like auras, but there are characteristics that I associate with certain colors. Most people are either red or blue. Occasionally, someone is purple. In very rare cases, someone is green. It doesn't mean much of anything… Continue reading Vulnerability Like a Mantis Shrimp