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Erotic Fiction: Wanting What You Haven’t Had

Majority of the erotic writing I do is nonfiction. Even when it's not a direct transcription of “here's the sexy thing that happened,” it's usually based pretty strongly in something that has happened, with minor amounts of extrapolation to fill in the details. I write what I know, what I have experienced, what I can… Continue reading Erotic Fiction: Wanting What You Haven’t Had

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Heat Lightning

That level of desire is something to remember… What catalyzes words, ignites the fuel beneath them so they ricochet through my veins like rockets? Fuck, I want you, words dripping like raw heat in summer, urgency palpable and thick, honeyed words spiked with bourbon and clove, the sharp bite of fresh spice. Water is control, and I… Continue reading Heat Lightning

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Ceramic Moments

CW: references to addiction and drug use Leaning up against the car, the damp scent of new dawn permeating the air. I close my eyes, grasping a cup of coffee and remembering mornings in gas station parking lots, the condensation of my breath mixed with smoke, the shape of a styrofoam cup, the scent of… Continue reading Ceramic Moments