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I’m sorry, love. I lost the words, trapped them deep beneath a stone shelter I forgot I built when first I felt the rumbles echoing beneath my feet. Here demons roam, saying too little and too much and not enough of the right anything and so I silenced them by burying them deep inside the… Continue reading Dampened

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Heat Lightning

That level of desire is something to remember… What catalyzes words, ignites the fuel beneath them so they ricochet through my veins like rockets? Fuck, I want you, words dripping like raw heat in summer, urgency palpable and thick, honeyed words spiked with bourbon and clove, the sharp bite of fresh spice. Water is control, and I… Continue reading Heat Lightning

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Every Thought is Violent

CW: references to CNC edging on rape play, references to substance use Every thought that passes through is violent. Slammed into the wall so hard my head spins and I can taste the fury, your hands uncontained and wild, roving like someone losing the edge of control, the line between want and need nonexistent as… Continue reading Every Thought is Violent

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I Want With the Storm

What is it with these storms? They make me itch, make me ravenous. And in my current state of mind- the kind that says, “The world is terrible and we’re headed for collision; we’re all going to die so make the most of it now,”- these storms make me just a little bit reckless. They… Continue reading I Want With the Storm

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The Rest of Heaven was Blue

My brain is a fritzball made of static electricity and cotton balls. The world is built of molasses and wet blankets. Burn everything but the wood is damp. You will be lightning and cotton candy again soon. The world maintains its pace, you are feeling inertia. The sky is terrible. I have never loved you… Continue reading The Rest of Heaven was Blue