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The Shape of Desire

What is the shape of desire? What is its form, it's boundary, it's motion? Inside my gut, electric movement. Does desire have tendrils, the kind that spread like mist beneath the skin until the body hums, a slow seeping? Or does it come quick and blinding, the lighting strike that rents the heart into fragments… Continue reading The Shape of Desire

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A breath. Inhale. The expansion of stardust in my lungs, the galaxies of oxygen swirling around like wisps of air and hurricane gusts, invisible, pervasive. Mind analytical, focused, examining, wondering, coiled tight and begging for release. Slow. What lives watches, and waits, in anticipation, consideration. The eyes from everywhere and nowhere; we are a part… Continue reading Possession

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Let Me Take You In

Let me breathe in your scent, heady and rich, the musk of sex and desire and sweat. Let me taste it on your skin, on your lips, on your fingertips. Let me take you in my mouth, pressing you slowly deeper against the back of my throat. Burn away the uncertainty and let me feel… Continue reading Let Me Take You In

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I exist in the cracks of forgotten time, the limbo of elongated limbs stretching as dawn breaks across the horizon. I watch your face while you sleep, wondering about the dreams dancing beneath your eyelids. Shifting slightly, I take stock of my body, feel the stretch and pull of my skin sliding across muscle, test… Continue reading Fingertips