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Up Off the Mat

I got a taste of what I needed, and my body carries the ache in mappable lines crisscrossing my skin. The soreness in my shoulders blossoming out into ameboid bruises from elbows and fists. The latitudes and longitudes of rope marks shadowed on my arms and legs. The singed lines along my stomach hair from… Continue reading Up Off the Mat

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Glow-in-the-fucking-dark Stars

Content warning: trauma, triggers, sexual assault My biological mother and I do not get along for a variety of reasons. We do best when we talk every couple of months and see each other once a year. She wants more, I want less. It’s a compromise. I knew she was going to be coming through… Continue reading Glow-in-the-fucking-dark Stars

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Content Warning: processing through the effects of repeated sexual harassment, trauma, and violence; explicit language I want you to fuck me. Why is that so difficult for me to say? I like sex. I like getting fucked. I like the way it feels, in my body, in that moment. It’s just sex. But it’s not,… Continue reading Flash