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This One Is For Me

This one is for me. Not for elegance and eloquence, but for something else. The rougher edges and hollowed cores of pieces of me I left by the wayside. For years of stories lurking just beneath the surface. Scribbled fragments on the backs of serving paper and greasy placemats. She says, over and over. There… Continue reading This One Is For Me

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Getting What You Ask For (Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Getting What You Need)

For anyone that knows me, I am notoriously terrible at asking for the things that I want or need from other people. I’m so bad at it, people have created whole scenes for the express purpose of getting me to communicate desires. Part of the reason for this is because I am also notoriously terrible at knowingwhat I… Continue reading Getting What You Ask For (Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Getting What You Need)

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Authentic vs. Genuine: The Chasms Between Concepts

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about words that are similar or related, but fundamentally different in small, nuanced ways. Good versus experienced. Authentic versus genuine. I know that I have a love of words and language that is a bit...unusual, but I believe that the language we use, the words we connect… Continue reading Authentic vs. Genuine: The Chasms Between Concepts

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This Is The Chaos

I am running from what is real, afraid of memory and the promise it holds. I gave myself permission and now I am afraid of so much freedom. I am afraid to sink into what lives inside of me. Unscrupulous greys, she called it, that moral compass inside of us that never points north. It’s… Continue reading This Is The Chaos

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String Theory and Stardust

Cowritten in collaboration with Melissa Fate is nothing if not unpredictable. Chaos is the stable ground beneath your feet. I don’t know what I expected. We coexisted in two-dimensional space, across miles in words with no depth or volume, living the memories of other people’s stories. But we exist in a three-dimensional world. Even those… Continue reading String Theory and Stardust