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Authentic vs. Genuine: The Chasms Between Concepts

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about words that are similar or related, but fundamentally different in small, nuanced ways. Good versus experienced. Authentic versus genuine. I know that I have a love of words and language that is a bit...unusual, but I believe that the language we use, the words we connect… Continue reading Authentic vs. Genuine: The Chasms Between Concepts

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Write Everything

Write about the wolf, about your colors shifting, about demons and demigods and the other strange things that are more common in your life than you want to admit. Write about shifting, and shapeshifting, and feeling the stirring behind your eyes that people see but rarely recognize, something feral, something free, something unbound to skin… Continue reading Write Everything

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Contradiction and Movement

In an interesting and unusual dialogue between myself and @WhyTrustTomHanks, I find myself musing- both in the sense of contemplating and in the sense of deriving inspiration from- the direct and indirect responses to one another’s externalizations of internal processes. And this morning, I cannot help rereading his latest piece and thinking about performance and contradiction, about… Continue reading Contradiction and Movement