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Let’s Talk About Accessibility

Caveat: this addresses a couple components of the idea of accessibility as I hear it discussed; obviously, there are many, many other ways in which this idea comes up that I do not feel qualified to speak about. That being said, those discussion are also happening and should happen, and I am always into listening… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Accessibility

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Fuck (I Love You)

Gasping. My knees ache and I don’t care. My pulse in my body, on the surface of my skin, throbbing. His hands on the rope, pulling, fighting. I struggle to sit up and he lifts me, growling something incoherent and slams me back down to fight with the ends tangling and wrapping, charged, electric with… Continue reading Fuck (I Love You)

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Skill and Luck

I was at an event recently where I had made plans with someone I care deeply about. After an extended period of (really wonderful) conversations, makeouts, and general shared space and company, we were going to do A Kink Thing together. In public. And we did. We had a really wonderful rope scene together (them… Continue reading Skill and Luck

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Don’t Just Look Better: On Representation in Rope

There is a lot of discussion about representation in rope. To be honest, there has always been a lot of discussion among those who aren’t often represented in rope about it, but now it’s hit the mainstream conversation. And I think that’s great! I actually do. I want to see more men in rope. I… Continue reading Don’t Just Look Better: On Representation in Rope

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On Rope, Self-Tying, and Body Image

So uh, I've been doing a lot of rope lately, which isn't altogether surprising. When I get something stuck in my teeth, I tend to go hard at it for a while until I either integrate it into my life or let it drop off (guess which direction this one is going?). Doing a lot… Continue reading On Rope, Self-Tying, and Body Image

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The Right Kind of Space: (Re)Starting a Rope Journey

I am really bad at being bad at things. Extraordinarily terrible at it. And a lot of skill-based things require time, dedication, practice, and-perhaps most importantly-failure. Failure often teaches us more than success does. It helps us learn and grow, hopefully in a fairly safe environment, so that we don't risk further harm to ourselves… Continue reading The Right Kind of Space: (Re)Starting a Rope Journey

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Memories at Midnight

It's three AM and I am pulsing, a rhythmic hum like current flowing just beneath my skin. If you touched my fingers, the ends would spark, static electricity, small bolts of lightning, a shock, a charge, a moment. I remember, and in remembering, I live and relive the experiences that brought me here to trembling… Continue reading Memories at Midnight