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Peace in the Violence

I haven’t known how to write this, because the truth is in context, and the context is hard. Necessary. Relevant. Vulnerable. Messy. Insanely, poignantly, unmistakably human. And violent. So much violence. “Embrace the violence of it,” he said to me almost a year ago, as my hand held a small gauge needle and prepared to… Continue reading Peace in the Violence

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Sinking in to Discomfort

I never know where to start with camp, perhaps this one more than most. There was just so much. Vast arrays of feelings, complicated and nuanced discussions, painfully vulnerable moments and disarmingly present ones. Threads. So many threads weaving in and out and around this space and me and rapid-speed processing through each piece. Balance and counterbalance,… Continue reading Sinking in to Discomfort

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I’m Still Not A Masochist

“I’m still not a masochist,” I said. “What does that even mean?” he responded. I used to think I was a masochist of some sort until I really got into the scene. Until I saw the level that folks play at and realized that that was not a level I could bottom for. Until I… Continue reading I’m Still Not A Masochist

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Memories at Midnight

It's three AM and I am pulsing, a rhythmic hum like current flowing just beneath my skin. If you touched my fingers, the ends would spark, static electricity, small bolts of lightning, a shock, a charge, a moment. I remember, and in remembering, I live and relive the experiences that brought me here to trembling… Continue reading Memories at Midnight

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Fusion ’17 Write-Up

This camp was about giving up control. I knew this walking in, although I didn’t expect it to manifest in such a literal way (I did a lot more bottoming this camp than I have in the past). But this camp was about letting go and giving up control: not frantically looking for people or… Continue reading Fusion ’17 Write-Up