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Demons and Body Issues

CW: food stuff, body image, references to addiction and eating disorders I’m sitting at my job, and realize that I’m hungry. I’m hungry. What a sensation; I don’t feel hungry very often. I want to scream out to the world: I ate substantial food today! Things with nutrients! I felt hungry and handled it in a good… Continue reading Demons and Body Issues

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On Rope, Self-Tying, and Body Image

So uh, I've been doing a lot of rope lately, which isn't altogether surprising. When I get something stuck in my teeth, I tend to go hard at it for a while until I either integrate it into my life or let it drop off (guess which direction this one is going?). Doing a lot… Continue reading On Rope, Self-Tying, and Body Image

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Body Dysphoria

I don’t write about my own experience with Body Stuff very often. I hint at it, here and there because it’s a part of my insecurities, but I haven’t really written about how I experience life in my body. As a trans person, it’s easy to assume body dysphoria as it relates to gender. I… Continue reading Body Dysphoria