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Erotic Fiction: Wanting What You Haven’t Had

Majority of the erotic writing I do is nonfiction. Even when it's not a direct transcription of “here's the sexy thing that happened,” it's usually based pretty strongly in something that has happened, with minor amounts of extrapolation to fill in the details. I write what I know, what I have experienced, what I can… Continue reading Erotic Fiction: Wanting What You Haven’t Had

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Write Everything

Write about the wolf, about your colors shifting, about demons and demigods and the other strange things that are more common in your life than you want to admit. Write about shifting, and shapeshifting, and feeling the stirring behind your eyes that people see but rarely recognize, something feral, something free, something unbound to skin… Continue reading Write Everything

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Write Terribly

Force the words together, even if they don't fit. Be inelegant. Elegance is overrated; I want the grit of words that jar abrasively against the sounds of one another. Sandpaper on chalkboard. Metal on concrete. Maybe you don't share them, but I hope you do. Document after document of ill-fit language, a halfway decent phrase… Continue reading Write Terribly

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Inconvenience and Insecurity

I’ve been writing for… fuck, as long as I can remember. I still have old notebooks and journals from when I was a child (and, now parenting a child of a similar age, I am living the mortification of letting her read them when she asks and cringing at the words of my younger self.… Continue reading Inconvenience and Insecurity