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Write Everything

Write about the wolf, about your colors shifting, about demons and demigods and the other strange things that are more common in your life than you want to admit.

Write about shifting, and shapeshifting, and feeling the stirring behind your eyes that people see but rarely recognize, something feral, something free, something unbound to skin and gravity but somehow still bound to me.

Write about wings, about flying and the fear of falling. Write about the way that your knees are fault lines prone to earthquakes and your heart believes it is a marathon runner. Write about the way he tastes, the way they feel, the way it smells.

Write about the fear of looking where your hands are going. Write about the need to follow your feet right off the edge of a cliff without once looking down. Write exhilaration.

Write about biochemical feedback and mirror neurons. Write about the sound of a heartbeat building and slowing, about the way eyes look when they fall open, about the meaning of “I love you,” and the scent of leather. Write about measuring breaths in seconds and moans in miles and the taste of fear and the thrill of surprise.

Write everything. Write the nostalgia of memory and the styrofoam give of addiction. Write the way his eyes dig into your skin harder than his fingertips. Write the dead things and the not-dead things and the spaces in between.

Write the curled-up moments in couches and car seats, write the rapid firing of neurons that unmake your carefully dissembled presentation.

Write the smoke and mirrors. Write the fire and reflections. Write the fear of loss and the pleasure of gain and the focus of orgasm and the pull of the open road. Write the desert blooms and the strength in thriving. Write the razorblade catwalks and constellations in your gut. Write the exhaustion of performance and the complexities of queer.

Write memory like memory is allowed to be kinetic, like memory is as visceral and present as the psychosomatic responses would imply. Write people in their complexities, the good and the frustrating and the beautiful and the hard.

Write everything that comes to your mind without hedging. Write freely, openly, like you have nothing to fear at all. Write like we are allowed to tell one another that we live them again, and again, in moments of profound affection. Write people like they are poetry. Love the people who think you are.

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