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Write Terribly

Force the words together, even if they don't fit. Be inelegant. Elegance is overrated; I want the grit of words that jar abrasively against the sounds of one another. Sandpaper on chalkboard. Metal on concrete. Maybe you don't share them, but I hope you do. Document after document of ill-fit language, a halfway decent phrase… Continue reading Write Terribly

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If This Were Chess, Would We Ever Reach Checkmate?

I get on these music kicks sometimes. It’s usually some ridiculous pop-esque song that’s annoyingly catchy and not really representative of how I live my life, but tangentially hits on something that resonates deeply within me. Past incarnations of this have included The Killers, “When You Were Young,” (we’re burning down the highway skyline on… Continue reading If This Were Chess, Would We Ever Reach Checkmate?