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I Have to Choose

I’ve been in this strange place recently, grappling with desires that don’t usually exist in the forefront of my mind. Submission, in some form. Power. Pain. I’ve written about them from every angle I can imagine, deconstructed them a million and one different ways, followed my nice, logical thought process through to whatever conclusions and… Continue reading I Have to Choose

Blog, Kink, Power, Pain, and D/s

Subjective/Objective Identities

‘Tis the season of change, the time we set aside to examine (and re-examine) our lives, who we are, what we want for ourselves. And in the midst of this season of new year’s resolutions and heavy introspection (what else are you gonna do when it’s so cold the air hurts?), I can’t stop thinking… Continue reading Subjective/Objective Identities

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Intention and Action: Switch Musings

One of the main questions people ask in pre-negotiating conversations (that point when you realize you want to play with someone, but aren’t sure if you have any overlapping interests) is, “What are you into?” It’s a valid question. A necessary one, even. I just don’t have a good answer to it. The problem is,… Continue reading Intention and Action: Switch Musings