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Up Off the Mat

I got a taste of what I needed, and my body carries the ache in mappable lines crisscrossing my skin. The soreness in my shoulders blossoming out into ameboid bruises from elbows and fists. The latitudes and longitudes of rope marks shadowed on my arms and legs. The singed lines along my stomach hair from… Continue reading Up Off the Mat

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CW: singular reference to cathartic self-harm practice Slow movement. The air pressure shifts drops presses contracts against my skin. A sense of waiting, the thin edge between expectation and anticipation. Build rise fall drop. Every breeze feels like the beginning of a hurricane that doesn't manifest fully. Grasping. Midnight purple, the color you are when… Continue reading Catharsis

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Lessons Learned

This is going to be long, and mostly exists for me to bookmark something important for myself, but perhaps there are kernels in here for others as well. I’m exhausted, but if I don’t write this now, I’m afraid I will lose this feeling and with it, the opportunity to capture pieces of this into… Continue reading Lessons Learned