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But I Can Just Do It Myself…

I’ve been playing around with photography again for the first time in years. It feels good to pick my camera back up and, even if I’m rusty as hell, it’s coming back (and let’s face it, I only ever half-knew what I was doing anyway). So, it’s part remembering and part learning. I got back… Continue reading But I Can Just Do It Myself…

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Integration: Winter Fire 2018

I never know what to expect walking into Winter Fire. It’s a bit hit-or-miss; sometimes, things converge in really good ways; sometimes, everything seems to just slightly miss the mark. This was a convergence, and I went into it checking my own assumptions with the intention of doing things that scared me. It paid off.… Continue reading Integration: Winter Fire 2018

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24/7 Switch

Why is this so much harder than I was expecting? I wonder, over and over, until it hits me: without meaning to, without intending to, without really consciously trying to, I accidentally wound up in a 24/7 switch dynamic. Let me back up. We talk about total power exchange, 24/7 D/s and M/s dynamics. Those seem,… Continue reading 24/7 Switch

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Permission, Consent, and Renegotiating Fearplay

I had a situation occur that has me thinking about the nuanced difference between “permission” and “consent.” Consent, of course, is a complex, complicated concept that roughly comes down to an understanding of limits, boundaries, and activities that people mutually agree to engage in together. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but the focus… Continue reading Permission, Consent, and Renegotiating Fearplay