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The Shape of Desire

What is the shape of desire? What is its form, it's boundary, it's motion? Inside my gut, electric movement. Does desire have tendrils, the kind that spread like mist beneath the skin until the body hums, a slow seeping? Or does it come quick and blinding, the lighting strike that rents the heart into fragments… Continue reading The Shape of Desire

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If This Were Chess, Would We Ever Reach Checkmate?

I get on these music kicks sometimes. It’s usually some ridiculous pop-esque song that’s annoyingly catchy and not really representative of how I live my life, but tangentially hits on something that resonates deeply within me. Past incarnations of this have included The Killers, “When You Were Young,” (we’re burning down the highway skyline on… Continue reading If This Were Chess, Would We Ever Reach Checkmate?

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A Proof, Of Sorts

“Y’all should write a book,” he says. I laugh. “In five or ten years, maybe.” In mathematics, we have equivalency theorems, a series of statements that make the same basic claim in different ways. Depending on what you’re trying to prove, one statement might be more useful than another, and so we all spend the… Continue reading A Proof, Of Sorts

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By the Way, I Love you

Oh, and by the way, I love you. Let's get married. We can break up tomorrow, because these words don't mean what we were taught they mean so we can redefine them to our liking and laugh at the lack of comprehension. Let's fuck, the friends-with-benefits way, the no-strings attached way that means that we… Continue reading By the Way, I Love you