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The End is Queer

I’ve been on a bit of a queer rampage again lately: telling stories, sharing histories. Explaining why I have such strong feelings about the term “partner.” Trying to explain that I feel a little like I’m navigating a foreign landscape because really, this whole year has been an adventure in renegotiating my relationship with my own queerness,… Continue reading The End is Queer

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Warped Perspectives, New Directions

I don’t know if it’s ever truly possible to know how we are seen by the people who love us the most. The people we don’t know well are almost easier; I think many of us have a working understanding of the images we project outward and can grasp, somewhat, what People In General tend… Continue reading Warped Perspectives, New Directions

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Taking Up Space

"You talk about being too much, taking up too much space...but if you had to be less, or take up less space than you do...then you're reducing yourself in order to make yourself fit." I remember when I started wearing my father's cowboy boots. They have a metal heel and are louder than stilettos on… Continue reading Taking Up Space