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We’re (Still) Not Dreaming

It’s been a couple days. We’ve pinched ourselves, screamed “WAKE UP!”, turned around three times and cursed (or spat), crawled under the covers, got blackout drunk, looked at endless streams of kitten videos, and prayed that this would all be some horrendous nightmare or well-executed (but thoroughly un-funny joke). We wake up again this morning… Continue reading We’re (Still) Not Dreaming

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I Don’t Need Allies; I Need Comrades

note: this is pretty raw, unedited, emotional output. Please don't expect polished and shiny. I don't have it in me right now. My partner and I found ourselves having similar conversations with two separate people this morning. Amazing, wonderful friends who are so aware of their own privilege and the space they take up that… Continue reading I Don’t Need Allies; I Need Comrades

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Thanks, and Fuck You Very Much

I'm scared to pick my goddaughter up from school. Today it was the guys in the car, slowing to a crawl and jeering, catcalling. I gestured at them to move the fuck along, but she still saw it. She didn't say anything, but she saw it. My heart skipped a beat when they pulled into… Continue reading Thanks, and Fuck You Very Much

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You Don’t Have to Play Hard

I was at an event last weekend, where I had the immense pleasure to do some heavy impact with with two fantastic people who were willing to bottom for me. It was an amazing night: incredibly cathartic, fantastic energy, a beautiful transition from socializing to playing throughout the evening. There was also a really amazing… Continue reading You Don’t Have to Play Hard