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Gentle Reminders for Dropsy-Feelsy Day

I will never be a tiny, petite human. My body isn't built that way. That is ok. The people in my life like me just fine in the skin I’ve got. Attraction is not a stagnant, fixed thing. It's ok that I look vastly different. Let's be fair; there aren't a lot of people who… Continue reading Gentle Reminders for Dropsy-Feelsy Day

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Therefore, I Believe That I Want You Immensely

Therefore, I believe that I want you immensely. Desire is hard for me. Desire is the thing that gets the wheels spinning in my brain faster than anything. What do you want? When I was younger, that question caused a full-body panic and shutdown. Flashes of images, nausea, muscle spasms- not the sexy ones. And… Continue reading Therefore, I Believe That I Want You Immensely