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Reconfiguring “Partner”

I don’t take language lightly. For all its flaws and limitations, the ways that we describe and name the things that matter to us is important. We will always miss the mark, at least a little. What you hear and what I say are not always the same thing. It’s the risk we take with… Continue reading Reconfiguring “Partner”

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Fucking History

When I am running toward, grasping for, hoping and building expectation, that is where I find myself most lost, unsatisfied and unsatiated, prone to disappointment, chain smoking on street corners and wondering where things went so wrong. I cannot seek redemption in other people, but I can find it in myself and this, this was… Continue reading Fucking History

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Out Of Context

I've been struggling with context lately, although I haven't had those words, exactly. I keep having these moments of panic, and trying to explain why, and people around me being very perplexed because the thing that I’m panicking about is, apparently, a normal thing. I realize that, in the context of my life, certain experiences… Continue reading Out Of Context