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Full Moon Sparks

I feel it seeping in my skin. A slow tingle that spreads, warm like bourbon, a sharp spice echoing on my tongue.

Wild eyes.

I’m biting my lip to ground into something. My limbs are sewn together with lightning and it sparks my movement, surges of kinetic heat. Building, creating. An itch for something a little reckless, the razor edge dance of just-enough dangerous.

Can you feel it? The air inhales, holds. I want to hold your skin, not an inhale but a gasp. Deeper. I want to touch the warmth beneath, feel it pooling, cupped in my hands, raised to my lips, staining me a metallic red that doesn’t wash away.

Let it burn away. I want to choke on you, bury you deeper into my skin, feel my muscles clenchrelease, steal the air from my lungs with fire dancing on my skin.Galaxies live here, a nebulous mind that fights the torrent of a phoenix rising.


Drown my senses, buzzing and heightened as they are. Overwhelm them. Your eyes hold worlds for me to explore; my fingertips trace maps along your skin. Gentle, firm. My hands are itching for your neck.

My skin is itching for you.

Wild eyes. The moon comes and crests; I crawl from the ashes of the shame I burned in the heavy nights I saw the light of 2 am. A little closer to the surface, now, the fullness of myself. I feel my hackles raising; who comes to dance with the moon hits its apex? This is freedom, unfettered and unshackled. Dragon eyes, wild eyes, blood eyes. I burn clean.

It seeps slowly, and sparks quickly. Stops and starts. Builds and release, an orgasmic cycle in my blood. I can taste it, sweet and sharp like kerosene.

Come look, come see, come dance with me while the night burns and I let it singe the edges of my skin. It’s a full moon night, and I can feel my eyes growing wilder, my lips looser, my skin sharper. Slow smiles and steady breaths. It pulls within my muscles, a gradual clench, build, release. I feel it seeping in my skin.

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