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Despite Everything, I Am Still Human

For awhile there, I had this barometer: if something felt scary to say, it was probably important to say it. I have a really hard time differentiating between overthinking simple things and actual, legitimate feelings. I’m never sure if the sensation I’m experiencing is the result of overprocessing a simple thing, or if it’s an… Continue reading Despite Everything, I Am Still Human

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This is Where the Notebooks Go

  Today I sat on my floor and looked around at the overwhelmingness of my living room and panicked. Dishes on the coffee table that were at least 5 days (if not a week) old, so old the fruit flies had either finally lost interest or drowned in their hunt for fermented mimosa. Most of… Continue reading This is Where the Notebooks Go

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From “Partitions”

This is from a much longer piece that I was working on (and never finished), but the introduction holds a certain stylistic grace that I am proud of, so I thought I would put it up- and perhaps, inspire myself to finally finish the longer piece, perhaps. Partitions of Self Introduction In the beginning, it… Continue reading From “Partitions”