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I Can’t Tell You How To Terrify Me

CW: edgeplay and CNC discussion It drives me nuts that I have a hard time writing about CNC and certain kinds of edgeplay. I wrote Edging Edgeplay not too long ago, but I really have a hard time writing- particularly erotica- about these things. It's frustrating. Probably the closest thing I have to a singular kink is psychological masochism… Continue reading I Can’t Tell You How To Terrify Me

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Edging Edgeplay

CW: discussion/reference to con-noncon-ish stuff Sometimes, I like to play with fucked up things. Only, they don’t really feel fucked up. They’re just… what my brain does. What my brain has done for as long as I can remember having fantasies. Coming into my room at night, coercion, seduction, “you’d do this if you really loved me,”… Continue reading Edging Edgeplay