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Doing Things at Fusion

So, I’ve been terrible about actually playing at camp the past couple of events, and I would very much like to change that. So, in that spirit, I figured I would name some things I would be open to discussing/negotiating:

  • rope (bottoming): fun ties, I-wanna-practice-some-technical-stuff ties, goofy ties, awkward ties… Not super into insanely sadistic, pain-based ties
  • Impact & rough body play (mostly topping although open to bottoming in some circumstances)
  • I have a pair of shorts I want to shred- help with that would be much appreciated; I don’t want them to survive another camp season
  • Playing around with some psychological mindfuckery
  • Knives (topping)
  • Absolute absurdity of a variety of flavors
  • Hey, I like kidnappings (on either side). Hard to negotiate on-site, but is do-able in the right circumstances
  • Sex. I like sex.
  • Things involving glitter

Please note: some things are more intense/personal/require you to know me fairly well. I have a hard time with pickup play because my kink is so connection-based. Feel free to ask, but please don’t be offended if I’m not feeling it.

This isn’t necessarily an exhaustive list. If you’ve got other fun ideas and wanna talk, let’s talk! Please note: unless we already know one another in person, I’ll probably hold off on making solid plans until we meet. Again, my kink is very much connection-based, which means I have no idea how I will want to interact with you until we are in the same space.

I’m not camping at the Compound this year, but I will spend a good deal of time there, so that’s usually a pretty easy place to find me.

Yay! Almost camp time 🙂

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