Malachi is a trans-identified, kinky, queer, polyamorous writer, and educator with a bachelor’s degree in traditional mathematics.

Their literary work has been published in several journals including The Rhapsodist and Gertrude, and they have presented their work at the University of North Carolina Asheville Queer Conference. In their mathematics career, they published and presented several pieces in the field of mathematical biology, including papers discussing the dynamics of HIV modeling and the impact of harm reduction techniques on intravenous drug using populations.

Malachi has been a part of the kink scene for approximately 6 years and active in the Baltimore kink scene since 2014. They help run Kraken’s Lair as well as Indecent Enterprises. They are also staff on several larger events, including Dark Odyssey (Manager on Duty) and RambleGRUE 4 (Communications Director). Please check out the Upcoming Events page to find out about more local and national events, as well as current class offerings.

They have been an educator for the past ten years, focusing on queer and trans identities, safer sex and sexual agency, and introduction to kink and non-monogamy. They are passionate about intersectionality, consent, and risk-awareness, both inside and out of the kink scene.

Currently, Malachi is working as an apprentice ropemaker with Mocojute, a Baltimore-based ropemaker specializing in handspun jute.

Feel free to connect with Malachi on FetLife (_ malachi _), follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@monomaniacism) or contact them directly here.


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