monomania: excessive concentration on a single object or idea

Writer. Artist. Educator. Mathematician. Kinky. Polyamorous. Transgender.


Welcome to Monomaniacism, home of contradictions and juxtapositions, conundrums and enigmas. Blog of Baltimore-area educator, Malachi, Monomaniacism is an ever-evolving project that explores the complexities of sexuality, gender, faith, and relationships.



Recent Writing

Why I Support Antifa - I’ve had several folks approach me and ask why I support antifa. And rather than respond to the comments one-by-one,… Read more Why I Support Antifa
Bad Ideas - This is a bad idea. Everything is a bad idea. Don’t bad ideas make the best stories? I’m jumping in… Read more Bad Ideas
String Theory and Stardust - Cowritten in collaboration with Melissa Fate is nothing if not unpredictable. Chaos is the stable ground beneath your feet. I… Read more String Theory and Stardust
I Am Not Your Partner - This isn’t really a response to any one person or situation, but rather a collection of discussions I’ve had over… Read more I Am Not Your Partner
Don’t Tell Me You’re Queer - Show me. Show me in the way you move through the world, in the way that you think and act… Read more Don’t Tell Me You’re Queer
Radical Vulnerability - I was having a conversation with a friend last night (because yes, a lot of my internal self-growth comes from… Read more Radical Vulnerability
Friends with Intimacy - If there are things that do not appear inherently sexual (but very much are), can’t the same be true in… Read more Friends with Intimacy
Permission to be Human - Before I say anything, I want to say thank you. To those of you who have witnessed, held space for,… Read more Permission to be Human
We’re (Still) Not Dreaming - It’s been a couple days. We’ve pinched ourselves, screamed “WAKE UP!”, turned around three times and cursed (or spat), crawled… Read more We’re (Still) Not Dreaming
I Don’t Need Allies; I Need Comrades - note: this is pretty raw, unedited, emotional output. Please don’t expect polished and shiny. I don’t have it in me… Read more I Don’t Need Allies; I Need Comrades


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