Introducing The Stellar Nebula: A Queer Tarot Project

I am beyond excited to launch The Stellar Nebula: A Queer Tarot Project this afternoon. After the past couple of months of (somewhat obsessively) working on building the foundation for a long-term tarot project, I’ve decided that it needs its own space so that Monomaniacism can continue to be a place to talk about all sorts of things and not get overtaken by the tarot art and writings.

The goal of The Stellar Nebula is to create a space for discussion, networking, and reflectiveness around tarot: specifically looking at queerness in tarot, and intersection of oppression with respect to how we interact with and interpret tarot. Now, there are a lot of fantastic queer tarot projects going around right now (Slow Holler Tarot, The Queer Tarot Project, Queering the Tarot, Numinous Tarot, The New World Tarot) that I feel like I should address why I’m doing another one.

First, because there are so many tarot decks in the world, but very few that are focused on queer perspectives and identities. The deck I have (The Wild Unknown) is probably one of the closest to a “queer” deck that is still being printed. The best deck out there for a lot of queer folks was The Collective Tarot, but that’s out of print now, and those who have it aren’t getting rid of it any time soon. So there are at least 4 simultaneous projects aimed at creating more diverse options for queer tarot readers? Hell, yeah! Out of the hundreds of options, if there are 4 tarot decks aimed at queer folks, that’s a drop in the bucket.

I hope more artists start to create more queer interpretations of tarot. This isn’t about competition: we should be supporting one another’s projects and efforts. I hope each one of these projects (each one incredible, amazing, and unique) do well. I hope they are well-funded and I will do the best that I can to promote those projects because it’s important that queer people have more options in finding a tarot deck that speaks to them. We shouldn’t be relegated to taking a deck that doesn’t resonate with us because there are so few options for queer decks in this world.

And second, I’m still learning. I’m still learning how I relate to the cards and what they mean to me. I’m still learning how to read and how different cards relate to one another. What they mean in reverse and what they mean facing up.

So, in drawing cards, it helps me better understand and focus time and energy on each one. It means that I read and research, look up what other people think, start to explore and network and get new ideas and new understandings. So for me, The Stellar Nebula is more about my own understanding and exploration of tarot, and once the deck is drawn, printing and selling will become its own project. But that, for me, is second to learning how to relate to these cards that I love so much.

So, with enthusiasm and excitement, The Stellar Nebula is born! New updates will be available every Monday and Friday, so check it out & feel free to comment and add to the discussion!



3 thoughts on “Introducing The Stellar Nebula: A Queer Tarot Project

  1. Jessi Huntenburg says:

    I think it’s awesome that there are more queer tarot decks in the works. I’m not queer myself, but I’m largely put off by the binaries of current tarot decks. The “masculine” and “feminine” approach to energies is totally outdated, and only works to reinforce gender stereotypes that are ultimately harmful to all sexes and gender identities. It’s time to realize that each of us exhibits a range of energies and states of being, and that these are not determined by biological sex.


  2. Malachi says:

    Hey Jessi,

    Thanks so much for your comment! Regardless of how someone identifies (queer or not), I definitely think that there is a huge need for more decks that subvert those binary modes of “masculine” and “feminine”. You’re absolutely right that each of us exhibit a range of energies and states of being- regardless of biological sex (and even, sometimes, regardless of how we identify).

    Thanks again for the comment and support! Hopefully these projects that are going on right now will work to create an alternative to that binary system.

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